Hand poured using Eco Soya Wax scented with essential oils and natural scents. Eco soya wax is produced from 100% natural soya bean oil from soybeans. The scents used are either 100% natural essential oils or synthetic or a mixture of both. Non of the oils contain animal derived ingredients nor are tested on animals. All our products are paraben free.

Wax Melts

Wax melts hand poured using Eco Soya Wax and using natural scents and essential oils. Each cake will provide in excess of six hours of wonderful scent many even longer. Melts are placed in a burner either electric or using a tea light and as they melt it releases the trapped scent. With a wax melt there is no mixing with water and when you blow out the candle the wax solidifies and can be remelted at a later date,

We have sourced a range of soaps to compliment the range.

There are handmade, paraben and SLS free natural soaps made using the cold process. A small range of soaps imported from Spain made with Olive oil. These are again natural but the olive oil makes a really soft soap good for the skin.

We also have a range of colourful and zesty soaps which all smell and look great, made using the melt and pour method but have one or two colourants added.

Reed Diffuser

Our own blended diffuser,

Made using natural ingredients and Essential or specially blended oils. These are long lasting and strong scented and will give out fragrance for upto 12 weeks.

Room Spray

Stinky Pets spray is a bedding and soft furnishing spray for your dog beds and throws. Two or three mist sprays every day or so will disguise the wet doggy smell with a refreshing scent.

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